About Me

Rustic furniture speaks to me because it tells a story about the materials it was made with. Unlike more refined furniture, Reclaimed Barnthe true nature of the wood is allowed to show through and tell a story of a past life. Nail holes, knots, cracks and bark are natural occurrences in real wood and instead of hiding them I choose accent them in my furniture.

I use antique, reclaimed, and often overlooked wood to make furniture that brings out the simplistic beauty of an aged, time-worn object. I feel that by reusing old growth wood I can preserve a little of Maine’s agricultural and lumbering history for future generations.

I take pride in what I do and I try to be creative with my pieces while staying functional and practical.

The furniture I make is well-made with a rugged finish to ensure it lasts. In my designs I follow simple rules of form with clean lines that are appealing to the eye.

I love to take on challenging custom projects to push myself to build new things and I am constantly improving on my methods.

Eben Lovejoy  Oakland, Maine